Recording session with some string players for instrumental album. Laid down tracks for “Putting Away”, “Hearing Winter” (title track for album) and a vocal song called “Heavenly Father”

Trying to Get up and Running

If anyone out there has had a string of misfortune, then you will understand my latest “Series of Unfortunate Events”.

It all began on a warm Sunday winter afternoon a couple of weeks ago. We had friends over who wanted to ride the horses. I was willing to oblige and we went ‘a 4-wheelin’ down to the barn to get ready. Needless to say, when we arrived-the ominous was already looming and one of the watering troughs was spewing gallons of water right out into a stall. I quickly called my aunt down from her farmhouse to help remedy the obviously busted water pipe that sucombed to the previous week’s sub-artic temps. As we saddled the horses, my 9 year old begged and pleaded with as much emotion as an Emmy-award winning actress “Oh mom, it is my dream to ride with you today.” So, I saddled her pony and set him to the round ring, where I intended both he and she to stay for the ride. He has a big engine on him and I truly did not want her to ride him out in the open field. But, as I came around the corner with my horse, said child convinced my aunt to let her ride with us and she was opening the gate out of the round pen. Before you knew it, her horse began to take off. The saddle was a bit slippy and she panicked and abandoned ship. Of course, she fell right onto her left arm and;CrACK! Broke her arm……….of course, we had just started a new year of deductable reaching on the insurance front and needless to say are probably looking forward to some nice bills arriving here shortly.

Two days after that lovely fiasco, I was driving home and got a call from my husband. “Ang, I think Paxton just died!” and he hung up the phone. “WHAT!” I yelled, as I saw images of my sweet cat collapsing onto the floor. Sure enough, he had a heart attack and died in my husband’s arms. Terrible follow-up to the broken arm.

Both hubby and I were looking forward to what we deemed a “Stay-cation” with plans to ship the kids off for a few nights, rent some movies, eat some junk food, chill-ax, etc. etc. Of course, the morning after he dropped the kids off at the sister-in-law’s, his back went out. Lovely. Well, those movies and junk food were good-but watching your “man on ice” was not my idea of a hot weekend alone.

Well, my Jesus was right when He said, “In this world you will have many troubles.” Thank goodness He did not quit the speech there. He went on to tell us “I tell you these things so that in ME you will have peace….Take heart. I have overcome!” (John 16:33). This has certainly been a season where I have to trust in the fact that my Savior has already overcome all of this-the broken arms, the passing pets, the irreprable backs. In a way, knowing that this is not the end of the story and that I have a perfect home does give me comfort and helps me know that He is with me. Thank goodness He has ALREADY helped this girl and does so day by day, moment by moment, triumph to triumph!