AND I Homeschool………..

OK-so my dear husband-who is also a great editor not only in my professional life but really in every area of my life-was in the homeschool classroom yesterday. He made a discovery that still has me scratching my head, wondering “How did I miss this?” I’ll let the blog audience try to decide for themselves why this is so – just – WRONG! Somebody help this girl! Hopefully the girls will get their spelling skills from their editor father……



Remember How I love Funny Signs?

Oh YEAH! this one is the BEST!
CONTEST: Please submit your funny sign photos to the site! I will mail a free “Somebody Help the Girl” tshirt to any girl who sends in the best photo (well, a boy can send a photo-but I only have girlie tshirts).

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Coroner Picture
Front of tshirt

Back of tshirt