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Because this girl needs all the help she can get, it is appropriate to begin with how she even got here.

It was NOT on her own.

  • Her parents were instrumental in helping her even get born-so let’s give thanks for that.
  • And… they would not be here either, save for their parents-so let’s give thanks for that, too.
  • And the good Lord had a part in all of it anyways-so let’s give Him thanks for that, too.

Angie began playing the piano at the age of four and still continues to this day-helped along by many patient teachers. Their only aim was to teach her sight reading, theory, counting, and all measure of musical education (no pun intended).

But all Angie wanted to do was come up with her own songs. Even her music professors at University were quite upset with how she refused to practice her Hanon exercises and instead, she would enter the room with a new song she wrote every week.

She was raised on salmon cakes, Sunday school, and a solid education. She now raises herself with a hot cup of Joe and a good dose of Jesus every morning.

She also has an amazing husband. She has finally had to just encourage him to LISTEN to her myriad ideas, nod and say “That’s nice, dear.” They have kept marriage 18 years now but have known about each other for much longer.

She has two amazing little girls who are the fodder and inspiration for simply because they exist in the world of “kid-hood” and make her laugh almost everyday-except when they make her cry-which happens mostly on the days they are homeschooling

Her passion is to help the girls, all girls, all ages, all walks of life, to be inspired to live the life the good Lord intends for us all to live. She also intends to help the boys, too, if they need it, because let’s agree they do. Her heart ministry is to help the girls who are pregnant and do not know what to do next.

She desires to help our nation’s crises pregnancy centers-two of which are linked on this website. If you find that you need help in this area, please contact them!

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