A MOST delicious dessert-Dreamy Cake Dip

Cake Dip on Cinnamon Stick

Dreamy Cake Dip

I promise you will love me for this one. Your kids will love me. Your aunt Bertha or great niece Priscilla will thank me. I stumbled along this gem while shopping at the Krogè the other day. You know how the sample ladies stand and try to convince you to not only try their products but to buy them, too. Let’s call her “Fannie”-she had me hook, line, and sinker! I did adjust her recipe to make it better, ‘whippier’, and an alternative for the gluten sensitive.


Here’s the ingredients:

8 oz. whipping cream

1/4 cup powdered sugar (or to taste-I actually like less)

1 cup Greek vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup almond milk

1/2 box dry cake mix with sprinkles (Gluten-Free for those who are sensitive to gluten)

Cake Dip 1 cup whipping cream

Add powdered sugar and whipping cream into a mixer (or a bowl and hand mix). Crank mixer up to high and let it whip it (and let it nay nay-er-nevermind)……BUT do NOT over beat your whipping cream. Just a few minutes to create a soft peak.




Cake Dip 1 cup Greek vanilla yogurt


Then, add the yogurt to your whipped cream and mix just until blended. You can get your kids to help you with this-BTW. They love the sprinkles at the end, and the magic of watching liquid turn into whipped cream. This is definitely a finger-friendly (NOTE:I did not say ‘figure friendly’), kid-friendly dessert. They will be proud of themselves!





cake dip 14 cup almond milk

You then mix in the almond milk……………







Cake Dip white cake mixGluten Free Cake mix






This is the BEST part-add in 1/2 box of cake mix with sprinkles already built in! A party in a box-right?!?!? (You could also get really creative with this part. You could go crazy, actually. Imagine what you could do with chocolate cake mix or carrot cake mix!!!! OH MY-THE POSSIBILITIES!!!!!) Just mix until blended.


Cake Dig Finished in bowl



I promise you will make this so many times. I wish I could say it’s somewhat decent for you because of the yogurt and almond milk, but it really is not. Sooooo much sugar! I suggest you use fresh fruit to dip with it, or cinnamon graham sticks, or just a spoon and the bowl and a secret closet you can escape into………….

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  1. Hannah Fields says:

    This would be so perfect as a snack for my daughters birthday party or a movie night. We are always looking for fun desserts for the kids to make a family night a little more special. Thanks for sharing.

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